Learning With Materials

We give them roots, we give them wings,
And great joys from,little things
A hope that they will soar,
A hope that they will try,
We are sure that one day,
Our children’ will learn to fly.


The Vision Of 1 2 3 Montessori Is That We Will Make The Learning Process By Practical ,Fun, And Exciting And Help To Create A Strong Base For A Child To Become Successful And Excel In His Academic Career And Become A Successful Citizen Of Tomorrow.

Each material in a Montessori classroom isolates one quality. In this way, the concept that the child is to discover is isolated. For example, the material known as the pink tower is made up of ten pink cubes of varying sizes. The preschool-aged child constructs a tower with the largest cube on the bottom and the smallest on top. This material isolates the concept of size. The cubes are all the same color and texture; the only difference is their size. Other materials isolate different concepts: color tablets for color, geometry materials for form, and so on.

In the Montessori classroom, learning materials are arranged invitingly on low, open shelves. Children may choose whatever materials they would like to use and may work for as long as the material holds their interest. When they are finished with each material, they return it to the shelf from which it came.The materials themselves invite activity. There are bright arrays of solid geometric forms, knobbed puzzle maps, colored beads, and various specialized rods and blocks