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1What if I need assistance with something?

123 Montessori Pre-school chain. has a qualified management support team to assist you with any quarries of franchise Executives will visit your school regularly to provide system up-date and technical/non-technical support or assistance you may need.

2What exactly is the 123 Montessori business model?

Learning and Earning, a very simple model based on a traditional franchising approach where 123 Montessori system . Provides complete knowledge of how to all its opening systems, teaching methodology, practical teaching systems and management methods to the franchise.

3What can be the rate of return which I/We expect?

On account of confidentiality, it is not suitable to lay out a definite percentage of rate of return.

4If I take up a 123 Montessori Pre-School Franchisee what will be the initial start up cost and what other cost will be involved?

It will cover a number of items mentioned in the report, franchise license fee, total fit out, details and pictures. Basic training of the system and operation manuals.

5Where can I open my business center?

Any where in India where having a potential of Pre-school.

6what can a franchise do for me that I cannot do for myself?

A franchise is already a functioning business model, while entrepreneurs must utilize thousands, millions or even billions of rupees in order to set up a profitable business model, a franchise can step into an already established concept with much less risk for failure involved.
You aware that as many as 80% of new business starts ups fail each year? An already functioning business model will put your hands and shoulders above the novice entrepreneur why not only needs to generate profit.

7Why 123 Montessori Pre-School?

123 Montessori Pre-School has demonstrated it is a strong franchise with a reputation second to one. It provides a unique concept with an innovation; exciting approach to Montessori system is totally committed to the success of franchising and its concept of training.
The Montessori system is under printed by formal training program, and practical training and profits.

8What are the disadvantages if I start my own education center without taking any franchisee?

If you start an education centre at your own level, you will face the same problem.
a)Brand Image: as you aware that this is a consumer world. To exist in the market, you need to have a brand image. Only than students and their parents will have confidence on you.

If you started your own center then developing brand image of your own center will consume 3-5 years of time. It is further possible that discouraging performance at the initial stage may force you altogether to drop the idea of creating it. Mean while carrier conscious parents would prefer to join their childrens in a school which has existing brand image.
This way if you fail to attract kids in a sufficient number, your project will not remain cost effective and viable which means you may not be able to provide quality services of the students. During the course of this period some one else will grab this opportunity and cut a sizeable strength of students and the market terrible shrinks to you.

On the other hand, 123 Montessori Pre-School established image spreading all through the country for imparting 100% stimulation to the kids memory. You can keep the harvest from the day you starts your business in association with 123 Montessori Pre-School chain.

b)Study Material: To run a school successfully one requires a high quality equipments, Montessori trained teachers and composite curriculum for the kids over all developments.

123 Montessori has highly experienced faculty, incorporating in it, and the latest changes minute to minute basis as per guidelines of 123 Montessori Research and Development centre. We already invest a huge sum in developing the 123 Montessori Pre-School system.

c)Management Know How to run 123 Montessori Pre-School: You need to have management skills, experiences and knowledge-how if you start your own school. Apparently education seems an easy business but like every other business it has its own problems, troubles and risks.

We have been into this business for last 5 years. We have developed finest mythology to run this business as a successful venture. We know all the complications one might face during the course of operation.

We will provide you with all the skills necessary to run the business and ready made solutions to all your problems.

d)Teaching Mythology: Teaching mythology plays a key role in this business. In fact, it is the heart of this business. If you intend to develop and implement your own mythology; it will again be time consuming, expensive and highly risks.

Over 4 years experience in developing most efficient and effective course Modules for Montessori system which is prepared by a group of experience counseling who have practical experience of Montessori system.

e)Faculty Recruitment and Training Support: Being new in the field, you will neither be able to select the right faculty for you nor you will be able to train them. Without good and trained faculty it is impossible to run the school successfully.

If you joined hands with 123 Montessori Pre-School chain. then you will get guidelines in recruiting the right faculty members. We train them at our place.

9Why should one opt for franchise?

In all human endeavors a learning process is involved. This requires going through a series of trial and Error encounters herein knowledge is gained by Training and failing and thus called the learning Curve. In context of franchising, the franchiser has already gone through the learning curve and has learned the secrets of success for the specific business. Also Industry statistics show that the franchise failure rate is very low as compared to all new independent business. So by investing in a franchise project, the risk of failure is greatly reduced.